9-inch Kindle Fire HD dropping to $230 starting September 15

It is no secret that Amazon is going to announce a new round of Kindle Fire tablets before the 2013 Holiday shopping season. But if you don’t want to wait, the 9-inch 16GB Kindle Fire HD with Special Offers is going to drop to $230 at Staples brick and mortar stores for the shopping week of September 15-21 in 2013. This is shown on their website, at the Weekly Ad page. A screenshot is at the bottom of this post. Amazon’s price as of 9/13/13 remains $270.

For cross-referencing, this is Staples Item number 108945 and model 53-000483. You can research it and check stock availability at the Staples website, but remember, the discount goes into effect starting Sunday September 15 (2013) at Staples brick and mortar stores. I don’t know if their online price will also drop. That we will find out on Sunday.

If you are shopping the screen size, but you are not married to the Kindle ecosystem, the Google Play’ed 9-inch Nook HD+ is not a bad choice going for $150 brand new at Best Buy and Barnes and Noble and Staples among others.


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