7-inch 4GB Mach Speed Trio Stealth G2 Hype (Android) for $60 in four colors

From the (affectionately?) so-called Craplets department, we have a $60 7-inch dual-core Android tablet with Google Play access, the Mach Speed Trio Stealth G2 Hype. offered at Office Max, both online and in-store. It comes in four different colors. Supplies vary from store to store. The price is good until the close of business on Sunday 8/10/13. New inventory may arrive later in the week, but that’s only speculation.

The four different colors have the following Office Max product codes: 2403-0317 and 2403-0308 and 2403-0326 and 2403-0549. The manufacturer code is G2HYPE and the color, for example, G2HYPEBLACK.

It runs Android 4.0, has 4GB on-board and microSD slot. Google Play access is important since it gives you an extra almost throwaway tablet. However, be sure to research it (if you can find any reviews), if you have a certain level of performance expectations. This is no Nexus 7 :)

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